Candy Cult was dreamt up by our founder Brooke one evening while indulging her late-night sweet tooth. After drawing inspiration from innovative women-led projects like Crypto Chicks, World of Women, and Cosmic Cowgirls- she knew she had to make her dream a reality. Classic sweets such as lollipops, gumballs, chocolates, rock candies, gummy bears, cotton candy, and more are the inspiration for the collection, a testament to sugar enthusiasts, childhood nostalgia, and the sweeter things in life. 


Brooke comes from a background of internet media and marketing. With a wealth of experience managing online accounts for brands, she eventually decided to take her talents to web3. Having also worked and attended dozens of music festivals across the US, Brooke’s fondness for festival fashion can be seen throughout the collection. Candy Cult is Brooke’s love letter to the NFT and web3 community, and hopefully the beginning of a long and productive career in the space. 


A crypto enthusiast since late 2012, Nick (Brooke’s partner) was the obvious choice to help organize the project. As soon as he started buying and trading NFTs, he fell in love with them and spent every free hour taking in as much knowledge as possible. After being involved in many different communities and making tons of friends along the way, he knows what it takes to successfully navigate an NFT launch in this crazy space. A DJ and Music producer in his spare time, you can find his music on Spotify


While searching for the perfect artist to bring their vision to life, the pair stumbled upon a true diamond in the rough. Owner of Valmitr Studios, Val is a wizard of digital artwork, and Candy Cult is her latest masterpiece. In addition to creating stunning 3D art for the upcoming NFT project “littlenecks”, she has also minted several of her pieces on her own. Her passion for blockchain technology combined with her artistic genius truly makes her work stand out in a never ending sea of art in the space today. You can find her work on Behance as well as Foundation.